Friday, 28 May 2010


So I love Great White Snark... They have some freaking brilliant stuff on there. Like this video. Which is both amazingly awesome and adorable. Hmm... Too many A's.

Very clever I'm sure you'll agree. My friends son loves it and wants a suit of his own... Then again, he loves most things Ironman. Who can blame him? Ironman is awesome!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ugh, People Are Horrid!

"A charity air ambulance was grounded after youths attacked it as it attended an emergency call to an injured baby."

Yeah, you read that right. A group of teens attacked an air ambulance. While it was attending to a baby. Can anyone say ASBO youth? Jesus. It's sickening, really. Why would anyone want to screw with an AMBULANCE!?!

The story is Here.

Oh Randomness, How I Lothe You.

News stories on Yahoo front page today are all horrid. Except one, which is mindless and boring. Famine, explosions, mid air drama. Then Cheryl Cole filing for divorce. Which in my opinion doesn't even constitute news. Who cares what she does? Unless it's something I'd care about if anyone did it, I don't want to know.


Sometimes I find it very difficult talking to people about emotional things. It comes off, it would seem, that an open complaint is something pointed at a singular person, because at that time one person is in the fore of it all. If that makes sense. My frustration at a situation that has been reoccurring for years comes off as some kind of insane begging. Which it isn't. I don't like begging and I don't like to beg. BUT. Right. Right... I can rant now? Fuck it, I will a bit. I find it very difficult to meet people. Prospective partner type people. I'm shy and terrified and stutter and stumble. I also don't like going into things blind. It doesn't mean I don't fancy people when I first meet them. I do. Unfortunately I always end up in the friend zone. You see when me and my girl friends go out "on the pull" I don't have much luck, and not for lack of trying. Guys (and girls) hit on my friends, and befriend me. So I always end up in the situation of fancying people who go on about how amazing I am and how lucky I'll make someone but that someone is never them. Because I'm such a good friend, and they don't want to ruin the friendship. Then I get to hear about how much they're struggling to find someone. They reel off things they want, things I do. But it's not enough. We'd never work. We're amazing as friends, but as a couple it would fail. Of course it's never tried. So no-one really knows. Because I'm never right. Wrong look. Wrong personality. Wrong size. Wrong sense of humour. Wrong way of dressing. Wrong something, anything. It never seems to register that all of the things I'm wrong with aren't working for them in their search any way. No risk is ever taken to see if maybe, just maybe, taking a chance on something different from what they're used to would have a reward. Benefit. Because people are too scared to take a chance on change. I understand that. Doesn't stop it hurting. Doesn't stop it being a kick in the teeth every time. How many times now? Six or seven... Maybe more. Probably more. Ugh. OK. I'm done. /rant.

Here is a picture of my cat in a hat, to take the edge off of the angry girl rant.

Mackie in a Hat

Cute huh?

Right... I want more than one fancy dress outfit. I have some LAMEO "sexy" stewardess getup. Ugh. I quite tire of "sexy" fancy dress. Have you SEEN some of them? The sexualisation of pretty much everything, including animals, is annoying. Granted, I'd probably feel rather different if I could wear said sexy outfits without looking like a moose. But whatevs. I pretty much hate the over sexualisation of everything. Sex is everywhere. And half of these outfits are ridiculous. It's all about titillating menfolk. Playing into their, weird, desires. Half of them aren't sexy, their semi nude. It's wrong. "Sexy" police woman, "Sexy" nurse, "Sexy" bumblebee, "Sexy" pirate, "Sexy" Alice in Wonderland. Read that last one again. Alice in wonderland. A young girl. A childs book/ film. Made "Sexy". Yeah. Wrong. Anyway. I want some new outfits. I want a Harley Quinn one, and a pirate one, and something steam punk, and a Poison Ivy one... Well... Lots. But most fancy dress costumes aren't in my size. Which is lame.

I'm done, for now, I think....

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I just worked out how to filter Flickr pictures out of my Yahoo search. I know that took me a while. I'm retarded. But it's sooooooooo much better now. I got so annoyed having 90% of image searched coming up as Flickr images... I hate using Flickr images.

That is all.

Also, sometimes people say things without thinking that are hurtful and insulting.

Emily Deschanel, AKA Bones.

So... I'm mildly obsessed with Bones, the TV show, you know the one. I love it. Granted, some of the terms they use go right over my head, but I'm almost always learning something.
Now. I'm working my way through the first four series again, currently up to Episode 13 in the first series. Despite mum and I watching it weekly when it started it seems like I missed a lot of them. So it's brilliant catching up with all the bits I missed.

I think, personally, that Dr Temperance Brennan is a better role model than most of the protagonists in TV, books, and movies, despite her distinct lack of social skills, especially in the early seasons. She's smart, she's capable, she can stand up for herself. She doesn't take peoples crap and she cares, even if she cant put it into words all the time.

Also, I didn't realise who the actress who plays Brennan is. Emily Deschanel, the older sister of one of my friends favourite people, Zooey Deschanel. I don't like Zooey... I find her annoying and unbelievable. I've not heard her sing. Apparently she does that too. Of the sisters I much, much prefer Emily. It doesn't hurt that she's beautiful.

Emily and Zooey Deschanel
The Deschanel sisters.

Emily Deschanel
Emily Deschanel.

I adore the relationship between Brennan and Booth... There is a constant undercurrent of sexual tension, that is joined by at first frustration and not long after compassion, concern and a deep root of feeling. They care about each other, even if they wind each other the hell up. It's brilliantly written, and well acted. You believe in them and their relationship, you want them to get together from the off set and the more you learn about them the more you love them. Despite their, occasionally annoying, personality traits they are believable and loveable.

Brennan and Booth
Brennan and Booth

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I love this song... I love Ellie Goulding, actually. She's great. I'm a sucker for a good acoustic number, something about music untouched by editing equipment. It's more base and earthy and real. You can tell a real singer from someone manufactured and all studio by how they handle themselves live, and more importantly, just them and a guitar.

Anyway... In the comments someone said she sounds like she had a cold. It's true. I like it, gravelly and such. Plays into my love of everything with quirks.

I recommend buying this single... I've not yet heard the album but it should be good if it's all along this vein.