Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! T-Mobile went on an internet lockdown and blocked pretty much every website, including blogger, as an adult site. Twas annoying. Full update on what you've missed will arrive, first though I have dinner to eat, beer to drink and a happy dance to do!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I wanna go up in the vomit comet. It'd be awesome to experience weightlessness. That's added to my bucket list. So if going in the salad spinner, I think they call it, the G Force machine. That would be cool too.

Monday, 6 September 2010

So I Have a Slight Obsession...

... With cowboy boots. I'm not sure why. I found some I like on Western Wear.

Slouch Boot at £85

Fashion Boot at £100

Loblan Cowboy Boot at £130

Justin Boot £145
Hey blogger... Let me comment on my posts already! Jesus.
It's REALLY hard to concentrate on writing when all I can smell is poop and all I can hear is the annoying arcadey sound of some old Sega game. All blibs and beeps and pings and crappy gunfire. Constantly. With the annoying blinky music in the background.

My brain is melting.

Bike Gear I Want...

... But currently can't afford to buy.

A pair of Minx Draggin' Jeans at £129.99 with which I'll also have to get Knee and Shin Armour at £12.99 and Hip Armour at £14.99. Which gives these a total of £157.97.

A Spada Classic Cruiser Jacket at £110.

A pair of Spidi Eve Gloves at £44.99.

A Pair of Falco Biker Boots at £94.99.

And a helmet I've yet to choose... Indecisive about my brain protection.

So far that's about £407.95... Whoa. Lots of money. Still... You can't really put a price on safety and I'd rather shell out a bunch of money and be safe than spend less and get seriously hurt.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hearing young girls say they want to be glamour models because they are always in glossy magazines makes my heart cry out. It's so stupid. Fame isn't everything. Being in magazines wont make you happy for very long. Just look at Jordan.
My Super Sweet 16 fucks me off. These spoiled moron kids getting stupid amounts of money spent on a party. Annoying. Then it came to the UK and they're trying to be like the American series bout it's England and we cant do shit like that right. It's a fucking joke.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I like solitaire, I like the alternation of black and red. I try to do it so there's the same two suits per row... Column (is that spelt right?), like hearts and clubs for two rows and spades and diamonds for the other two but that's REALLY hard. I also hve to have the aces alternating colour. It's a bit OCD I know but that's just how I roll.
I talk to myself. Sometimes as if I'm having a conversation with someone else, in a sort of fantasy role play thing, sometimes litterally just to myself, always outloud. I'm doing it while watching Mock the Week. Imagine your nan, old, chattering away to herself about the program she's watching, or talking herself through the process of making a cupcup tea, you know you know what I mean. "I'll just have a nice cup of tea. Shall I have sugar? Yes I think I will. Oh that's nice. Then I'll watch The Saturday Kitchen. I do like that. It's a very good program. The young presenter seems like such a nice man..." and so on and so forth. That's me. Sometimes I do it around other people. It's a tricky thing to explain.