Monday, 6 September 2010

Bike Gear I Want...

... But currently can't afford to buy.

A pair of Minx Draggin' Jeans at £129.99 with which I'll also have to get Knee and Shin Armour at £12.99 and Hip Armour at £14.99. Which gives these a total of £157.97.

A Spada Classic Cruiser Jacket at £110.

A pair of Spidi Eve Gloves at £44.99.

A Pair of Falco Biker Boots at £94.99.

And a helmet I've yet to choose... Indecisive about my brain protection.

So far that's about £407.95... Whoa. Lots of money. Still... You can't really put a price on safety and I'd rather shell out a bunch of money and be safe than spend less and get seriously hurt.

1 comment:

  1. Also more people will spot you if you look cool on a bike so therefore a lesser chance of getting hit.