Friday, 11 June 2010

1 Rule for a Flat Stomach! ZOMG!!!!!

Now, I don't like to piss on anyones parade but... Oh who am I kidding, I love it. Anyway... I'm pretty sure the ONE RULE FOR A FLAT STOMACH!!!! ZOMG!!!! is actually, consume less fat/ calories than you use... Just a thought. Not whatever these links online will try and convince you. Also, a ten pound weight drop in a week is frowned upon by healthcare professionals... A healthy weightloss is about three pounds a week. But both of those things are secondary to the ads for the MIRACLE WEIGHTLOSS SECRETS ZOMG!!!! that are flaunted about. Like this one!

Stomach Rule

As a general rule of thumb if they don't show faces, you can be certain it's not the same people. Before Lady and After Lady are two different ladies! ZOMG! Also, is the one tip to give birth!? Because I'm pretty sure Before Lady is pregnant. Just my opinion I know but I think its probably a safe bet. Also, I think After Lady is a page three model. Once again, just my opinion as without faces it's a tough one to call. Even their BOOBS are different sizes!

Also, you can't spot tone... You can't follow ONE SECRET TIP!!!! ZOMG!!! and lose just tummy fat... You have to do all over work and junk. Logic says it. Pretty sure berries or tablets or patches or enemas or whatever it is they fob off on the desperate and gullible don't work, especially not for spot toning and long term weight management. Only healthy eating and exercise will do that. Except spot toning... See the sentence on spot toning for clarity.

Don't get me started on the tablets... Very bad side effects if you don't do exactly what they say... *Shudder* It's vile.

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