Saturday, 5 February 2011

*Happy Sigh*

Sat in a coffee shop, not part of the chain I work for, updating my blog and being a struggling writer cliche. It's fun. I might do this every week. It's nice to be out of Daves room and actually just chilling without being around other people. Well... I am around other people, but they're not reading me quotes off of IMDB, bugging me to watch movies, or listening to music I don't like. I've chucked on some earphones, and am listening to the Legally Blonde Musical soundtrack... London cast. Yay! I however, have a little problem with this soundtrack. They've changed the lyrics in Positive, which as anyone who has read this blog will know is one of my favourite songs... I don't like this version much. Will have to get the Broadway version from Jack. As that's the one I first heard, and I <3 it! Lol.

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