Thursday, 12 August 2010

My Adventures in Having Dates...

So I've never been on a real date before. I'm serious. I'm 24 and I've not been on a date.

One of my exes said he'd take me out to the cinema, his treat, cos I was sad and poor... Then he came to meet me and we went in and when it came to buy the tickets he bitched at me for 20 minutes that I had to buy my own. So I couldn't get a drink or anything cos it was the last of my money. He didn't care. It was so horrid. He'd promised his treat.

I went to the pub once half an hour before it shut for a drink with a guy. If that counts? He said it did.

He also said a takeaway in my bedroom watching a movie counted.

Do those three count? If they do then I HAVE been on a date. They've just all sucked.

I want a real date. Like going to the airshow in the day then to the pub for dinner and drinks after. Or going to see a musical then for drinks and food after. Or something. Something better than takeaway or a pint of cider. :o(

Everyone else gets dates.

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  1. I personally would not count those as 'official' dates because dates are meant to be an occasion where you can share a good time with someone and an event where you can look forward to going on it. I pretty much agree with you that they sound sucky!

    I really hope the guy also doesn't consider them good dates because otherwise there will be a lot of disappointed women out there who would have wasted their time lol.

    Obviously it depends what kind of interests people have and how well you know them but my ideal date would have to involve going somewhere where we could both relax without having to force a conversation, which can sometimes be awkward if two people don't know each other so well, and maybe something which would also grab our attention so it gives us something to talk about. Maybe somewhere like a Zoo, so we could wander around and have a laugh or smile at the animals whilst getting to know each other and grab an ice cream and then maybe go for a nice pub lunch or something.

    Also if I don't like her I could always tell the zoo keeper that a monkey has escaped and they could lock her up. hehe :)