Thursday, 5 August 2010

Randomness More.

I need to be up kind of early tomorrow. I have the jobseekers people ringing between 9AM and 1PM... Thanks for the vague guys! That's so I can find out why I've not been paid yet. Cos I'm fucking poor and have bills to pay.

Cancelled my credit card today. Woohoo! Now I have £3500 in debt on a card in my dads name, so my bills are actually paying him. I should have cancelled that card about 4 years ago and I'd be debt free, but NO! And the worst thing? That £3500 only took me 6 months to get. If I'm good at nothing else I'm good at spending money.

Tomorrow I'm going to start looking for jobs in Surrey. I know I've not heard back from the interview yet but I want to know what my options are.

Loose Women competition closes tomorrow and they announce the winner by the 8th. I know it wont be me because that's not my luck but a girl can hope and £15000 would come in real handy. I already know how I'll spend it! Lol.

Busy busy... Gotta keep busy. Try and distract myself and convince myself everything will work out in the end.

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