Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hey Photobucket! Grow Up!

So it looks like two of my T-Shirt Hell tees violated photobuckets terms of use. One said "I fucking love to cuddle" and the other said "Yes my tshirt says fuck on it. It also says cunt, twat and machine washable."... The one thing those two shirts have in common? The word fuck. Of course, there are 2 OTHER shirts that say fuck on them... Way to go photobucket. There's also one that says shit, two that say bitch, a few that might be seen as anti Christian and few that either condone or picture cartoon violence if you want to remove those aswell.


I think that's quite petty. It's not porn. It's not hurting anyone. It's the words fuck, cunt and twat. Frankly, that's not that bad. I'm pretty sure there are worse things on there. Do people really get so mortally offended by a few curse words? I hope so, it's why I want the shirts. Lol!

No more Ebay sales just yet. I hope I didn't peak at five. That would be super lame.

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