Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sarah Decides She Wants to Move Back to Surrey...

Yes. I am hating where I live. I am poor. I am away from my friends. I am very, very, very sad panda. I want to go home now please. Thank you.

BUT for me to succeed in relocating (again) I need money, and a job to move to, and a place to live, and other things my tired brain can't think about right now.

In short, I need a miracle.

I also want to learn to ride a motorbike, and to actually get a motorbike and all of the many and varied things that come WITH owning a motorbike. This, too, will cost money. Of which I have none.

I'm seeing a pattern.

Also, in the words of the Aussies, don't piss in my pocket and tell me it's raining.

The Rock Bomb

Even The Rock cannot resist the call of the photobomb.

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