Sunday, 25 July 2010

Uhhh... A Handly Woman to have Around.

I had to share this... It's pretty epic...

How do you do that because I think that's a party trick I need to learn. I'd get invited EVERYWHERE! Or... Everywhere that people were drinking beer with screwtop caps... In which case they wouldn't actually need me because their hands would work just as well. Although it looks better done by boob than hand. Sorry if I ruined the illusion by mentioning screwtop caps.

I got bitten by something and it sting like a bitch. Ouch.

And I just spilt tea on my keyboard which is pretty retarded. I wish I could say that it's the first time that's happened but it isn't... It's a far too regular occurrence. I would like to blame it whole heartedly on that video in this case though... I got distracted and forgot how the whole "holding a cup of boiling hot tea" thing worked. Boobies do that too me. So does beer. Combined I'm surprised I can even type.

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