Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I feel a bit poorly sick today. Gah. Maybe it's this crazy muggy heat we've got going on. So lame. I'm a spring/ Autumn person, me and heat don't get on and the cold pisses me off. I like that nice warmth with a breeze thing that HARDLY EVER HAPPENS. Although in winters defence snow is awesome. Summer, I have nothing nice to say about you. You make me ill and uncomfortable and burn which makes me more ill. I don't like it. Cut that shit out.

Been to town once already to buy postage stuff, off again in a while to post said stuff. Sold something else. It's all rather exciting. 5 down, 29 to go! Lmao. So far. I have so much stuff. I've decided to sell all of my DVDs. Except my absolute favourites that I watch all the time like V for Vendetta and stuff. Cos I love them too much. Meh. I'm going to do it in lots of 10 over the next few months. Heh.

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