Thursday, 29 July 2010


I've had this blog, in one of it's homes, for a while now and yet no Hanson based posts. I must remedy that!

Thinkin' Bout Somethin'... The First single from their new album Shout It Out. Oh yeah.

Ignore the video, it's some crazy Dream Twilight Cast fanvid. But the song's great! Breaktown. Unreleased I believe. *Loves*

Live cover of the Radiohead song Optimistic. I much prefer this version than the original to be fair.

Isaac Hanson doing what he does best... Singing the pants off of the ladies. I love his voice, I LOVE him singing this song. Live cover of the Bill Withers song Ain't No Sunshine. *Melts*

Another unreleased track, Never Let Go. I used to sing this to my friends son when he got grumpy and wouldn't stop crying. I love it.

That's the last one for this post! I fucking LOVE Hanson! Don't hate! They're win, srsly!

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