Wednesday, 28 July 2010

OK... Need a Plan.

So, to make money I have put some stuff on Ebay. Then I'll put more up as and when. Pretty much everything. The money from this is going towards my Moving Back Home Fund. I have also entered a competition to win £15000, which I doubt I'll win but hey, why not try?

To explain my Moving Back Home Fund, it isn't just covering the actual move, but also paying off my debts, so the more I make the better for me! So far I'm in about £3500 debt. Roughly. Which sucks.

So I need a plan to make money, get a job and move, and find a place to live.

I want to be back home, at the very latest, by Christmas. Preferably sooner. The sooner the better.

Anyone got any ideas? I need a lot of money very fast. I'm trying to think of anything I can do that will make money but I cant. Lame.


  1. If you buy a lot of things online, you could always use a website called Quidco which gives you cashback when you purchase stuff through their website.

    When I booked my holiday to India last year, I got lots and lots of pounds back in cashback for buying flights with Virgin through the Quidco website. I then used the money I got back for my spending money.

    Have you got any old Mobile Phones lying around? Some websites buy them off you in exchange for money money money.

  2. Already sold my old phones... And with the lack of money shopping is a no-no. Lol. But thanks for the ideas!