Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Stuff I Don't Like.

  1. Normal sized tomatoes. 
  2. Liquorish.
  3. The taste/ smell of herbal Nytol.
  4. Honey Roast Ham (BLURGH!)
  5. When a pen runs out if ink half way through writing something and I don't have a pen of the same colour.
  6. Running out of battery on ANYTHING.
  7. When people take ages to text back.
  8. Pineapple juice.
  9. The fact that my nose runs when I cry.
  10. Hayfever.
  11. Not understanding things. Which seems to happen a lot at the moment.
  12. Having no money.
  13. Living here.
  14. Feeling like shit all the time.
  15. Things that smell really sickly sweet. Like fake vanilla smell and fake sweety smell.
  16. Not being able to find something.
  17. Being over emotional.
  18. Comedies that are really embarrassing. I cant watch them. They make me cringe-y and weird.
  19. Forgetting the name of a song when you REALLY want to hear it.
  20. Being a penny short on the cost of something and not being able to buy it.
  21. When it's humid.
  22. The sound of mopeds.
  23. The fact that Harleys don't sound the same as they used to. (Thanks law! You ruined my favourite sound! Assholes.)
  24. Stubbing my toe. Especially when I stub it on my metal bedframe. OUCH!
  25. When people take offence to things that I don't mean offensively.
  26. Having LOADS of pennies but not having the time or patience to count them out and get them changed into real money.
  27. Running out of conditioner mid hair wash. Lame.
  28. When doctors don't take me seriously about serious things.
  29. My birthday. It sucks every year without fail.
  30. Getting sick. I hate getting sick. It's like... I hate the fact that I lose control when I get sick maybe. It's not fun.
  31. Making a cup of tea and realising I'm out of milk.
  32. Washing up.
  33. The fact that we can't take our dog for a walk. He just wont do it.
  34. Being lonely.
  35. Getting blisters.

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